Sunset Crystal Fold


Sunset Crystal Fold is a series of eight framed works consisting of cut paper and acrylic paint. These objects depict networks of organic and geometric formations within deep atmospheric color. Meticulous cutting permeates the acrylic and paper substrate creating a meshwork between substance and nothingness. The richly painted surface of hard-edged sprayed on color gives way to a reticulation of cutout voids. This interplay between delineated form and emptiness becomes the essence of the work with its overall composition realized by the select removal of the picture plane. The dismantlement of two-dimensions produces a depth within the flat object allowing light to pass. This produces a spectrum of background shapes with colorized shadows, a product of light bouncing off its hidden neon colored backside. Conducting in-studio crystal making experiments, Natrop played with the oxidized natural formations that took shape as the materials cooled. This playful jumping-off point generated and integrated the phantasms of nature into his art making process.