See Through Super Sag


16x18x12 feet | hand cut paper, hand dyed PETG cutouts, reflective styrene cutouts, 3 channel video projection, colored string, lighting | 2009 
In collaboration with Dorsey Dunn custom speakers & software, 14 channel audio
Armory Center for the Arts | Pasadena

When Sinead offered me this self inclosed room for her show the Armory Center for the Arts, I immediately knew that I wanted to make my most immersive installation to date. I blacked out the open ceiling to make a cave-like space. I wanted to conjure an environment that confounded gravity, a kind of stasis chamber. The resulting installation became dense, gossamer, penetrating. I created a three channel video projection that produced torrents of glistening particles that danced throughout the layers of hanging paper cutouts and brashly hued transparencies. The floppy plastic see-through forms were suspended amongst the delicate paper. All the hanging silhouettes were supported by an abundance of colored string that secured even the most fragile tendrils in mid-air repose. Small audio speaker boxes descended from the ceiling that punctuated the visual space throughout like incongruous aural beacons. The speakers produced a penetrating 12-channel self-generated sound-field that was designed by sound-artist Dorsey Dunn.

The resulting environment sucked you in and slowed one’s heart rate. Both tranquil and unnerving, the room redirected the mind to a seemingly subliminal place where the earth’s cadence slowed and time became elongated.