Sandhill Sunset


Sandhill Sunset stands as an exquisite portrayal of the indigenous natural realm, expertly manifested as a cut steel wall sculpture. Its shadowing technique gracefully melds the hues of a sunset into its silhouette, a result of the vibrantly colored concealed backside. This sculpture, meticulously designed for its specific location, exudes an almost ethereal quality as it seemingly hovers off the wall, its silhouetted composition cocooned in the very essence of a sunset’s glow. Rooted in the regional landscape and enriched by a touch of creative imagination, the piece captures the allure of the Sandhill Cranes that grace the local environment.

The objective of the Sandhill Sunset project was to craft a wall sculpture that harmoniously weaves together indigenous plant and animal elements from the area. My task revolved around seamlessly integrating the majestic Sandhill Crane within its native surroundings. The resulting wall sculpture now graces the entryway of Great Plains Health in the picturesque North Platte, Nebraska.

Additional Information
Sandhill Sunset is quite large, measuring 72 x 144 inches. These images were taken in a studio setting. Final install photo within its site-specific healthcare setting are forthcoming.