Reflect What You Are


cut paper, iridescent medium, 2 way acrylic mirror sheet | 2009
In Case We Don't Die | Torrence Art Museum | 2013

I’ll be your mirror
Reflect what you are
In case you don’t know
-Velvet Underground

The exhibition space was open, airy, cavernous. Throughout the room, other large sculptural works filled the eye. And my designated location was right in the center of it all. I had no hidden nook to play in; I was exposed. So, I decided to stay subtle, to disappear.

Two-way mirror has the unique quality of being simultaneously transparent and reflecting. Depending on its angle, the material can can vanish then optically reappear like a glistening moorage. It played well in this installation, merging into the lacy white cutouts, creating glassy echoes of those nearby: a delicate merger of lightness and ambiguous pallor.