Post Sparkle Apocalypse


108 x 96 x 120 inches | acid cut stainless steel, crystals, wood, watercolor on cut paper, mylar tape,4-channel audio/video projection | 2014
Prep School: Prepper & Survivalist Ideologies and Utopian/Dystopian Vision | Torrance Museum of Art, Torrance, CA

Post Sparkle Apocalypse is a concise, crystalline vision—a phantasmagorical landscape borne from the musings of a reincarnated, post-disaster landscape. 

Although the work is laser cut stainless steel, the graphical elements are derived from spontaneous cut-paper drawings produced in the studio—a result of a months-long studio practice where I incessantly listen to post-apocalyptic themed audiobooks while working. These intense aural narratives propel the work into a specifically-themed phase: a series based on rebirth after total destruction. This subject matter can perhaps be best described as the final stage of a regenerated post-apocalyptic ecosystem. This newly created realm is literally brought about within the color-field of overlapping projected reflections on the adjacent wall of the installation. The space itself is composed of symmetrically hanging elements of bejeweled polished stainless steel with four separate audio/video projections of colorized mouths narrating the same overlapping passages to the 1987 novel, “Swan Song” by Robert R. McCammon.