Life Above the Fray


55 x 55 x 180 inches | acid cut stainless steel with polished mirror finish, stainless steel wire rope and fittings | 2013
Permanent site specific installation | Morrison and Foerster | 59th and 60th floors, Aon Center, Los Angeles

Life Above the Fray was created specifically for this space at Morrison and Foerster. It is intended to breathlessly occupy space without being overly demanding of one’s attention. Its gossamer mirrored surface will recede into the spectacular cityscape backdrop while, at times, casting glints of reflected sunlight throughout the surrounding area. The graphical composition is an amalgam of imagery conjured in my studio from various large cut paper drawings. This work uses the visual logic of “landscape” to form a particular narrative that begins with “rebirth” from the bottom and ascends upward into a transcended state of twisted realignment. Each stage of this sculpture has two symmetrical halves. As observed in Leonardo’s, Vitruvian Man or Hermann Rorschach’s famous ink blot tests, the achievement of symmetrical balance can be interpreted as an element of our physical perfection, and also our psychological introspection.