Half Light Singularity


12 x 9 x 8 feet | watercolor, glitter, aluminum powder on hand cut paper, salvaged lumber, 1500 watt Edison bulb | 2016
Jolly Night at the Races | curated by Miguel Nelson | The Old Marijuana Factory, Downtown Los Angeles

Half Light Singularity is the central art installation—a beacon within Jolly Night at the Races, an expansive art happening at an old marijuana factory in downtown Los Angeles curated by Miguel Nelson. A 1500-watt Edison bulb is the bright supernova within a pentagonal structure of large-scale cut-paper artworks suspended in-place by frames of interconnected reclaimed lumber salvaged from the site’s demolition undertakings. 

Like glancing toward the sun, its allure becomes both beacon and deterrent. Severe contrast between light and form reduce the painted surface of the cut paper into pure darkened silhouettes, casting its shadow-scape throughout—a Moroccan shadow lamp of Gulliverian proportions.