Duplex Mirror Rush


65 x 90 inches (each half) 130 x 90 (total) | laminated mirrored and clear acrylic sheet | 2010

This work is a multi-part wall hung piece that is installed in a corner of a room, and is identically bisected by the 90 degree angle of the two walls. Both sides of the wall have duplicated mirrored imagery;  both sides become graphical reflections of one another. The material is a composite of mirrored acrylic sheet. Its imagery is pulled from some of Natrop’s previous hand cut paper pieces. The resulting silhouettes were digitally cutup and reformed. This new imagery was used to fabricate the artwork using a CNC laser cutting device. Reusing previous imagery initially created through spontaneous paper-cutting, has become one way Natrop develops further generations of seemingly ephemeral moments in his art practice. in “Duplex Mirror Rush” the viewer experiences the typical optical effect of double reflective planes when two mirrored surfaces come close to one another. However, the reflection here becomes uniquely fractured from the intricately shaped mirror pieces. The original cut paper imagery further erodes through the reflection of light creating a new type of ephemera.